Readers on the pain of miscarriage: In my head I was already a mum and then suddenly I wasnt

According to a new study, a third of women experience PTSD after losing a baby in early pregnancy. Guardian readers describe their experiences Eleanor, 34, Northamptonshire I had three miscarriages in 2018, all under 12 weeks. I became very anxious to the point that it was impacting every area of my life. It affected my sleep and I had very negative thoughts. I spent a lot of time crying and kept having flashbacks to the third, most traumatic miscarriage, particularly when I was trying to sleep or relax. I had…

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Texas Man Strangled Sister Because He Was Embarrassed by Her Pregnancy, Cops Say

Maybe its the time to murder her. Thats the thought that, according to police, popped into Eduardo Arevalos head on Dec. 16 after an argument with his pregnant sister, Viridiana. An affidavit made public on Monday alleges that Eduardo approached his older sister as she sat on the couch in their home in a Dallas suburb called The Colony, crooked his right arm around her neck, and squeezed the life out of her. Then the 19-year-old tossed her in his car trunk, drove to a field, and dumped her body,…

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