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This Awesome Dragon Made From Palm Tree Leaves (5 Photos)

Artwork by Ayako Japanese artist Ayako recently created an incredible dragon sculpture made from palm tree leaves, branches, and wood for the The Shimadakara (“Island Treasure”) Art Festival in Urama, Okinawa. The artwork, entitled “Ryu Miyagi”, was introduced with the accompanying blurb: The island, where still the original scenery remains. So much nature, thank you for protecting our treasure. The island with the dragon When it gets quiet, you can hear it The voice of wind The voice of the island The voice of your heart Lend an ear to…

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I Create Leaf Art By Carefully Cutting Intricate Scenes (New Pics)

My name is Omid Asadi, I’m a 38-year-old former engineer and champion boxer from Iran, now a UK-based artist. Art for me is the way of looking differently to this world and around myself. I work across various media but first gained recognition for my intricate leaf cuttings. My leaf art is rooted in my childhood when there was a deep emotional relation between me and nature. As a child, I used a needle to create shapes on leaves or fallen rose petals. I didn’t take this practice further until…

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