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Self-driving car engineer Anthony Levandowski files motion to force Uber into arbitration

Anthony Levandowski, the star self-driving car engineer who was at the center of a trade secrets lawsuit, has filed a motion to compel Uber into arbitration in the hopes that his former employee will have to shoulder the cost of at least part of the $179 million judgment against him. The motion to compel arbitration filed this week is part of Levandowski’s bankruptcy proceedings. It’s the latest chapter in a long and winding legal saga that has entangled Uber and Waymo, the former Google self-driving project that is now a…

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Contractor Informs Client That He Broke His Arm And Cant Build The Unit On Time, The Client Goes Livid

But it turns out that some people lack any empathy for their fellow man and are more akin to cold, unfeeling robots. Engineer, workshop owner, and contractor Abs Delfuego, who goes by the Reddit user name Omegaweapon, posted the emails between him and a client who got angry that he broke his arm and wanted him to finish the job as agreed, no matter what. The client seemed unable to understand Abs’ calm and honest explanation that while he’s physically incapable of doing the work and his staff’s on vacation,…

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