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Midwives Slam NYC Hospital for Forcing Women to Give Birth Alone

A group of New York City midwives slammed a Manhattan hospitals new policy prohibiting partners in delivery rooms this week, warning that the restrictions to combat COVID-19 could lead to more expectant mothers giving birth at home whether or not that is the best medical decision for them. NYC Midwives calls on the State of New York and all New York hospitals to follow WHO guidelines and affirm their commitment to allowing one essential support person to accompany all laboring people, the group said in a statement. As New York-Presbyterian…

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Women Are Posting Their Post-Birth Pics After Kate Middletons Flawless Photos To Show How Different It Was For Them

Kate Middleton was, as you would expect from a royal, well-groomed and putting on her best face, despite giving birth just hours previously. Some people were shocked however, by just how amazing she looked, flawless and glowing in full makeup and heels. This has prompted a variety of responses, from sympathy for the amount of pressure she must experience to look her best at all times, to criticism for creating impossibly high expectations for other women. Obviously, the Duchess was just doing her job and probably loves these tongue-in-cheek comparisons.…

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