Ive been on a diet since I was four. Can I finally make peace with my body?

Im never going to stop wanting to be thinner and chasing it. But Im OK with that Every morning I have the slightly morbid habit of reading the New York Times obituary section. I have a subconscious wish to see in one illuminating flash how another person figured out her story so I can gain some insight into mine. It was mostly a soothing habit, until the morning I read about Jean. In late April 2015 the obit headline read: Jean Nidetch, a Founder of Weight Watchers, Dies at 91.…

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Odds and Ends 

Woman body-shamed after her ice rescue goes viral

The video of Korissa Miller was posted to the Macomb County Sheriffs Departments Facebook page earlier this week. It was there as a means to warn others about the dangers of ice fishing. 9972-20 On 1/27/20 at 3:20pm, this young lady was fishing off of docks in Harrison Township. As she attempted to stand up, she lost her footing and slipped off the dock into the freezing water. The young ladys friend was a dock over and heard her fall; she looked over to see her friend struggling in the…

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