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Juvenile Striped Eel Catfish Moving as One for Protection While Feeding

In this clip taken in Jemeluk Bay, Bali, by the Abyss Diving Center, we see a school of juvenile striped eel catfish demonstrating a fascinating defensive behaviour. As striped eel catfish at the bottom forage and eat, the ones up top keep a lookout for predators and other dangers. The Diving Center explains: “These little guys tend to form a school as juveniles, up to a hundred individuals, to protect themselves from predators, and go about their lives on their own when they reach their sexual maturity. Fun fact, if…

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Bali bombing: Guantnamo inmate Hambali charged over 2002 attack

Indonesian faces military trial for twin bombings that killed 202 people including 88 Australians and seven Americans, as well as 2003 Marriott bomb A US war court has charged an Indonesian detainee at Guantnamo Bay in connection with the captured in Bangkok in 2003, in a joint operation by the CIA and Thai police. Last year a US government review board rejected the release of Hambali, saying he continued to be a significant threat to the security of the United States. Hambali, whose real name is Encep Nurjaman, appeared before…

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