PopSockets Pop-Up Phone Grips Are on Sale for $5

Have you ever seen a round disc emblazoned with a splashy logo jutting out from the back of a friend's smartphone? Maybe they use it to stabilize their selfies, or maybe the kids like to play with it, popping it up and down incessantly. I'm talking about PopSockets grips, the omnipresent grips adhered to millions of phones around the world.

PopSocket phone grips are popular for good reason. They're easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and undeniably useful. As WIRED put it back in 2018, PopSocket grips are life-changing. They're also on sale right now, often at half off.

Half-Off Sale

The PopSockets Warehouse Sale is running for a few more days. There are more than 150 products on sale, with prices starting at $5 (half off) for individual phone grips. Additionally, all domestic US orders ship for free.

There are tons of PopGrip designs to choose from, with themes ranging from nebulas to camping and everything in between. If you've been binge-watching The Tiger King, you might like this Tiger Bites Back design. Basically, no matter what you're into, you'll probably be able to find a discounted option that you like within this sale.

A Second, Stackable Promotion

Oddly enough, PopSockets has a second sale going, of sorts. If you buy one item from the sale, you'll also get 50 percent off the second item. You could snag two grips for less than $8 shipped, depending on what you decide to buy. There are other discounted products in the selection as well, including surface mounts and desk mounts so you can continue using your newly adorned phone hands-free while working or driving.

I've used a PopSockets grip for years, and I can't imagine going back to not having one. It keeps my phone stable, whether it's in my hand or on a surface. I also use it as a kickstand for YouTube, a stabilizer for group photos, and a fidget toy when I'm feeling anxious. If you're wondering, I currently have the Blue Marble grip on my phone—and yes, it's included in the $5 promotion.

This sale is set to end Thursday (April 16), so peruse before then if you're interested.

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