9 Ways Green Witches Work With Natural Energy

Witchcraft is not inherently the evil thing many of us have been taught that it is—a belief that has been ingrained into Western society by thousands of years of Christian thought.

Witchcraft is a way of working with energy using the natural elements of the earth, typically for purposes of healing and manifestation. Though it can be used for evil purposes, it is largely a spiritual and divine practice. There are different types of witchcraft practices, but a green witch specifically is one who works with nature and natural energies.

Before Christianity, people from all over the world in varying cultures existed largely as pagans—those who worshipped different deities, particularly those that were found in nature.

Like any hobby, it is a practice and a craft, which is why it is called witchcraft. People can be born into practicing it through watching their parents, through being influenced by friends who practice, or who, like me, was brought into it unwittingly through guidance from my intuition in a way that felt like my soul’s destiny.

Here’s how to work with energy and magic as a green witch.

1. Moon manifestation.

It’s a classic image to associate witches with the moon. With moon cycles, we can manifest our subconscious or conscious desires into reality. The full moon brings painful emotions to the surface so that we can clear them out. During this time, people who practice magic and even those who don’t might be drawn to clean out their closets, vacuum, or smudge with sage in order to clear energy for manifestations, which typically occur and appear most powerfully around the time of the new moon.

2. Harnessing the power of Mother Earth.

The earth has a strong grid of energy that can be harnessed for purposes of manifestation, healing, and creation. Some ways in which I personally harness this powerful grid of creation is through gardening (literally growing my own food through Mother Earth’s nurturance), sunbathing to harness the energy of the sun, and by lying directly on the ground, either at the beach, in a park, or by sleeping in a tent. Through lying on the ground, you are connecting directly to the grid of the earth, which exists at a very high and powerful energetic vibration.

3. Being careful about what you eat.

If your body is going to channel manifestation through its connection to spirits and to the Earth, then you are going to need it to be clear. By eating a clean and natural diet closest to what the earth would naturally provide, you can channel this energy more effectively.

4. Sexual magick.

You can have sex with certain people to your advantage or disadvantage. Some can bring your energy up or drag it down. There are also varying healing properties found in sexual fluids—think of how Native American tribes would use bull semen for rituals. Semen can be good for manifestation and also for healing, as it contains a high volume of Vitamin C.

5. Crystals.

Crystals and stones are objects made by nature which have a very dense and powerful energetic vibration due to the pressure from which they are formed. They contain different properties— some for protection, others for healing, and others for manifestation. Witches often feel drawn towards learning about crystals and their various properties—think crystal ball vibes.

6. Smudging with sage or Palo Santo to clear energy.

Smudging is the practice of burning a dried plant and allowing the smoke created to clear stagnant energy. It can be used for manifestation purposes, such as bringing new life to a project or living space. People typically use dried sage, a plant, or Palo Santo, a special type of wood. It is a Native American tradition that was thought to cast away evil spirits.

7. Potions.

Like in Harry Potter, potions are real. The potions I use in particular are essential oil mixtures which can work to shift the energy in a room from negative to positive. You can also create “food potions” to work with energy by developing recipes that can have varying effects, from energy boosting to calming or healing. Think of something like a grandmother’s famous chicken soup or hot tea when you’re sick— even that can be considered a potion.

8. Plant medicine.

Some witches are drawn towards specific plants for purposes of healing. This is where shamanism can come into play. These can be psychoactive plants like magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, or cannabis, or they can simply be plants used in the creation of essential oils.

9. Astrology.

Looking to the stars and the planets for healing, energy predictions, and ancient knowledge goes deeper than just the moon cycles. You can look at your own birth chart for an accurate depiction of your destiny in life as well as for upcoming energetic predictions.


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