The Grandma Who Went Viral For Accidentally Texting A Stranger On Thanksgiving Contracts Coronavirus

One of the worst things that can happen during this pandemic is seeing your loved ones getting sick. Sadly, with the corona cases skyrocketing to over 1 million, many are forced to face our family members, neighbors, friends, and coworkers being sickened by this disease. Recently, a man named Jamal Hinton found out that a woman who became his friend after she accidentally invited him to Thanksgiving dinner 4 years ago has become ill with COVID-19.

Jamal, who became a regular Thanksgiving guest at Wanda’s house after he was accidentally invited, announced that she and her husband have COVID-19

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Jamal shared the sad news with his followers, saying that both Wanda, who treated Jamal like her grandchild, and her husband contracted coronavirus recently.

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While Wanda’s condition is stable, her husband is currently being treated at the hospital.

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Jamal went viral in 2016 when he shared an adorable exchange he had with Wanda when she texted him thinking she was reaching out to her grandchild. Wanda wanted to invite her grandson to Thanksgiving dinner, but when she realized she was talking to a stranger, she invited him anyway. Jamal updated his followers with a lovely snap he took of both of them during the Thanksgiving celebration.

Their beautiful friendship started back in 2016 when Wanda sent a Thanksgiving dinner invitation to Jamal thinking she was texting her grandson

While it could have ended there with a lovely dinner, the following year, Jamal was invited to be a guest at Wanda’s house again. For the past 4 years, Jamal has been spending Thanksgiving dinner with Wanda’s family and their wholesome friendship has filled everyone’s hearts with joy.

After this adorable mistake, Jamal went to the Thanksgiving dinner and has gone 4 years in a row so far

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The news about Wanda’s health came unexpectedly and deeply saddened many people online. While everyone is waiting for an update on the wholesome grandma’s and her husband’s condition, people are sending their best wishes and are hoping that the lovely pair will have more Thanksgiving dinners together in the future.

Here’s how people reacted

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