Its Brutal: Man Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 Shares The Innocent First Symptoms He Experienced

Michael Bane, the 42-year-old Vice President of Client Engagement at Deighan Law, LLC, was healthy. He could do 13 pullups and run a sub-seven mile. One time, Mike even ran 6 miles of a marathon with a partially torn tendon in his foot. Mike’s also the type of guy who walks around on a fractured ankle for two weeks before bothering his doctor about it. The tough guy was in shape. But the coronavirus brought him to his knees regardless of it.

At first, Michael tried to carry on with his work and family life, but after a long and gruesome fight, COVID-19 finally has him in the hospital. To raise awareness, he shared a detailed story about the living hell he went through, and it vividly shows just how brutal the virus really is.

Image credits: Michael Bane

Image credits: Michael Bane

The United States just went through its deadliest day since the outbreak of the coronavirus, with 100 new deaths reported on Monday. Currently, one in three Americans have been ordered to stay home as health officials issue warnings about what the next days of the coronavirus pandemic will look like.

“It’s just going to get worse this week and worse next week,” Dr. Leana Wen, a visiting professor at George Washington University, told CNN. “How bad it gets depends on the actions that we each can take today.”

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization thinks the US could become the new centre of the global coronavirus pandemic. “We are now seeing a very large acceleration in cases in the US. So it does have that potential [to become the centre of the pandemic],” WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said.

So far, 46,481 people in the US have become infected with the virus and there have been 593 deaths, according to the latest data from John Hopkins University.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people should watch out for fever, cough, and shortness of breath which may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the coronavirus. The CDC also notes that if someone experiences emergency warning signs (including bluish lips or face, new confusion or inability to arouse, and persistent pain or pressure in the chest as well as difficulty breathing or shortness of breath), they should get immediate medical attention.

Those at a higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19 (people who have heart and/or disease, diabetes, and older adults) should contact their healthcare provider early, even if their illness is mild.

People are relating to Michael’s story in all sorts of ways

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