Teacher Shares How He Prepared And Executed A Super Detailed Plan On How To Punish 7 Slackers With Protective Parents

Seven toxic seniors were leeching off of their classmates’ hard work during group projects to maintain their grades, and the other kids were too nervous and scared to do something about it. So their teacher took action.

It took some time to plan and execute everything, but the resourceful pedagogue gets an A+ in my book for his efforts. After losing all hope in the slothful seven, he put together yet another group project where they were forced to work with each other instead of spreading throughout the class and polluting other groups. Outmaneuvering entitled parents, he allowed them to suffer the natural consequences of their lack of giving a crap.

After everything was said and done, it took the teacher three months to write down the story between grading stuff, but it was worth it. It immediately went viral on the subreddit ProRevenge, and everyone who has been screwed over in group projects applauded him for instilling justice.

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