Heres What It Really Means If You Keep Seeing The Number 444

Angels and spirits on the other side communicate with us through many mediums when we become open to it and as we spiritually awaken—one of those being through numerology.

Since the universe is based upon mathematical principles, and we are part of that universe, made up of the same stuff, we can receive guidance through number combinations that activate codes within our own mind/body system. Sometimes, these codes are referred to as angel numbers—repeating numbers that occur at synchronistic times when we need to receive a message. Different numbers have different qualities.

For instance, 8’s symbolize wealth and abundance, 3’s are a sign that your angels are with you, and 4’s symbolize encouragement to achieve goals and aspirations.

When I see the angel number 444, or sequences of 4 in general, I know it is a sign from my angels that I am on the right path—that I am taking the necessary steps needed in order to achieve my goals and aspirations. Sometimes being on the spiritual path can be very confusing, and 444 offers me some solace that I am being guided and assisted and that everything is okay.

Benevolent angels and spirits like helping us upon our path, and they can help us by showing us various number combinations when we might need reassurance or assistance. If you are beginning to notice repeating angel numbers such as these, understand that this is what is happening, and that it is common while spiritually awakening. You might see these numbers on clocks, on license plates, while working on spreadsheets, or anywhere, really. Spirits and angels are around to provide guidance during times of major change and shifts upon our journeys.

If you are not seeing and noticing these number combinations, don’t fret, because that also means all is well and that the angels do not see a reason to assist you because no intervention is necessary.


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