Touching PSA Shows The True Story Of A Teenage Boy Finally Being Adopted And Accepted Into A New Family

The sad reality is that most people are more keen on adopting babies, toddlers, and other young children. This preference makes it much harder for teens in foster care to find a loving family. According to the Administration for Children and Families (ACF): “Teenagers between the ages of 15 to 17 years old wait, on average, twice as long for an adoptive home, compared to children who are 14 years of age and younger. Currently, about one in five children waiting to be adopted are teenagers.”

National Foster Youth Institute states that each year, 23,000 teens turn 18 without being adopted, which results in 20% of them instantly becoming homeless. Fortunately, there are organizations working to change that.

“No matter our age, we never outgrow the need for a loving and supportive family,” writes Ad Council under their new PSA, which raises awareness on the adoption of teenagers.

The ad is based on a true story of a teenage boy named Jordan who is adopted by a couple with two children. The video shows the boy being welcomed into a new family and slowly starting to feel like he belongs. The tearful ad reminds everyone that adopting older children can be just as rewarding.

“This PSA reminds prospective parents that they will not always be the ones who will be doing the teaching. Adopted teens can help their parents grow in ways they never imagined, giving families a completely new set of moments to look forward to. After all, when it comes to parenthood—you can’t imagine the reward,” Ad Council writes in the caption.

The campaign features another video showcasing more accounts of real families who decided to adopt children over 14 years old. These heartwarming stories aim to inspire other families to welcome children in need into their homes despite their age.

Here’s how people reacted to the PSA

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