Controversial Horror Film The Hunt Will Now Be In Theaters Friday, March 13

At the end of last summer, Blumhouse and Universal pulled their upcoming horror movie, , from its scheduled release as a result of increasing controversy. The controversy supposed that the movie was about liberals hunting down Trump voters for sport, which those connected with the movie deny. In the extended trailer (below) it doesn’t look like anything other than typical horror movie fun with a few off-color political jokes thrown in for (an attempt at) comic relief.

Here’s the trailer:

This seems like a case of a “news” story blowing up and misinformation spreading faster than facts. The film hasn’t been released. Most of the tweets and articles written about the film are by people who haven’t seen it (myself included). Now that people have had some space to realize the movie might not be as bad as their initial reaction, a new release date has been set for next month.

will hit theaters Friday, March 13. Here at Creepy Catalog, we can’t wait for the reactions (based on the actual film) to roll in.


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