Woman Keeps Photographing Her Toad Doing Human-Like Things In Her Dollhouse And People Are Loving The Pics And The Captions

If you don’t have a large enough menagerie of cute animals to follow on Instagram, may we recommend a toad? Wait, hear us out. He’s very talented and he helps control the bug population.

Toby got his big break in the Facebook group Frogspotting (some might quibble about the name, but Southern Toads like Toby are very welcome there) when Florida resident Savannah Mikell noticed she had a visitor camping out on her front porch every night. She was so charmed by him that she brought out an old dollhouse and let him explore, taking pictures to share with the group. Since our last check-in with Savannah and Toby, the toad has upgraded to his own Instagram page with over 80,000 followers who are just as tickled by his miniature adventures and silly captions.

Scroll down to see ya boi Toby the toad’s antics.


Werkin On Howoleen Costume


La Da Dee La Da Doo La Da Dum


Great News – I Am Chonky

When we first contacted Savannah about Toby, she explained that he’s only a pet in the loosest sense, as he comes and goes as he pleases. It sounds like the relationship is mutually beneficial⁠—he gets to use her porch as a safe home base, and she gets to take cute pictures of him.


Fine Toons While I Write Back To Ur Mail


Nok Nok


Canna Reech Me Undies

Gardening experts recommend making your yard frog and toad friendly because they vacuum up so many bugs. If you want these cute and useful visitors, you can try leaving out a dish of water and a shelter, like an overturned flower pot, where they can rest and be protected from predators.

Encouraging frogs and toads to hang around your house isn’t recommended if you have dogs, though, because the amphibians can release poison if bitten or picked up. Some toads only cause unpleasant effects to dogs, like a nasty taste and excessive drooling, while others are life-threatening, so it’s important to look up which toads live in your area and what the risks are.


Happy Octoby Time To Carve Pormpkins


Me N Me Mums Matchie Shosthankie


Santy Pls Hurry


Hoppy Monday


~S I G H~




Ba Dum Tssss


Who Wan Delish Stek


Today I Show U How To Beka Cek


Hello Yes Dis Toby

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U Guys Wan Come Play?


I Am Smort, I Read Books Frens


Trosh Day Pls Resycle Frens


I Canna Rech My Bug


Redy For Satrday


Yall Wan Sum Chees?


Tho It Hav Been Say, Many Time, Many Way, Merry Crimusss To U


I Am Relac


Blub Blub

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Dont Hav Mush Money But Boy If I Did, Id Buy A Big House Where We Bof Culd Live


Too Mush Cloth To Chose

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