This Is The January Tarot Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

2020, a new beginning and a year where we will be tested. The Capricorn Stellium pushes us to reach our higher purpose, to go beyond our limits and to grow up. The childish mentality will not help you move forward. Time to drop those self-defeating thoughts and to focus on the big prize. This is your year to define who you are and who you will become. Take control of the next chapter of your lives and get ready to create a masterpiece.

Aries – 2020 strikes you with a bang making you wonder about your spot in the world. Mars enters Sagittarius early in the month on January 3rd, that will give you some much needed success when it comes to academics or anything pertaining to higher thinking. Venus, the planet of love will have you going from social butterfly to hermit in a blink of an eye. It will allow for you to bring about peace. Your general focus will be working hard and hustling, thanks to the major Capricorn Stellium. Your card for the month of January is the Seven of Wands which compliments your need to compete and thrive during these times. There will be many people who will test you and put you through the ringer. Stay calm, stay strong and remember to think long and hard before taking any action. This is your time to behave like your sister sign, Libra. When Mars moves into fellow fire sign Sagittarius, it will help you think outside the box and will aid in your successes as it sparks that drive you have craved for some time.

Taurus – Mars moving into the sign of Sagittarius might bring some intense times that will be highly beneficial. You will wield control and exude more magnetism when you are surrounded by people. With the Saturn and Pluto Conjunction, causing some friction in your expression and ideology, this Mars transit can help spice things up with someone you are in love with or interested in. Venus moving into the sign of Pisces will benefit your connections with new people. Creative types will surround you and they will bring about new inspiration. If you lacked the will to create, now is the time to keep at it. Saturn will help you work diligently. It is slow and the rewards seem to not be anywhere, but Saturn requires your patience. As the bull, you understand the importance of not rushing. Your card for the month is the Empress. Your creativity will be sparked during these transits, so trust in what you have to offer to the world. The only one holding you back is you.

Gemini – The highlight for next month will be when Venus shifts in the sign of Pisces. It will be your time in the spotlight, and you will shine and thrive during this month. This is the much-needed recognition you have been craving for. All of your hard work will come with gifts that will boost your morale. Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn will bring you with much needed stability and a new outlook on life as you finally begin to pull yourself out of the darkness of the Saturn and Pluto influence. This will be a month of hope and renewal for you. Mars in Sagittarius will make you more in tune with your needs. Vocalizing what is best for you in partnerships. With Mercury in fellow air sign, Aquarius, there will be insight and much to learn for you this month. Learn from books, learn from mentors and apply this knowledge to create better plans for the road ahead. Your card for the month of January is the Four of Pentacles. Try find new methods to expound on your financial stability.

Cancer – When Venus shifts into fellow water sign, Pisces, you will experience a change in mood. There will be more optimism on your behalf. The joyful outlook will be expanded by Jupiter in Capricorn, making you want to believe in love once again. The Saturn and Pluto Conjunction might bring a dose of reality to your partnerships and your current situation. Those in relationships will either sink or swim during this transit, as you begin to value your worth. This will either enforce the bond or you will come to terms that changes need to be made. Mercury moving into Aquarius next month might make your words sharper and you might feel more intuitive. The Devil in Reverse is your card for the month. You have acknowledged your struggle, the pain and the misfortunes that have happened this year. Now is the time for you to release this and not to cling onto the past. Much more awaits once you let go and stop thinking about the failures and what has not happened for you.

Leo – The month of January brings you some surprises. With the Saturn and Pluto Conjunction in the sign of Capricorn, you will be fighting for what you want in school or work. You have learned a lot of self-discipline during the Saturn transit. Things have not been easy and some of you might have had some health troubles in the last couple of years. It will be a month where you might feel generous thanks to Venus in the sign of Pisces, making you humbler and more excited for love. Intimate relationships will be intensified with this transit as you become more possessive and needy with your partner. Those who are single might enjoy having lots of fun meeting new people when Mars enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius. It will be a moment of lots of reflection and exhilaration that will make things more bearable for you. With Jupiter in Capricorn, you can feel the pressures and burdens lifting and there will be a more joyous atmosphere with peers. Justice in Reverse is the card for you this month. Try not to be shady this month, especially to those who have wronged you. Keep doing you and let the haters stay bitter.

Virgo – The last two years might have felt like a drain for you and a pain. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction it will probably hit a little hard for you, but that does not mean you should lose faith or optimism. The tides are turning for you, Virgo. Jupiter entering the sign of Capricorn brings you with much needed fun into your life. The Lovers is the card for the month of January, and this is very fitting considering that Venus enters your sister sign, Pisces. This is a wonderful time to renew the love for your partner or appreciate your friends. To those who are single, January brings about a new era in your love life, so get ready for some excitement that is to come. However, with Mars entering the sign of Sagittarius it will bring some friction when it comes to dealing with family. Keep the anger levels low, try to relax and meditate because this month will only bring you lots of love and excitement. Focus on bringing peace and harmony to your life because it can only bring better things.

Libra – It might feel like an extremely karmic year for you as you have endured and fought tooth and nail for your spot in the sun. Saturn and Pluto Conjunctions has caused some troubles in the home front, but you are getting out of that dark spot with Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn offering you with a much-needed reprieve. Your card for the month is the Six of Swords Reversed showing that you refuse to change your mindset, and this is the time to let go of what is hurting you and accept the transformations that are to come. With Venus entering the sign of Pisces, you will be focusing more on improving at work or in school. Perfection is everything for you and no one can stop you. Mercury in the sign of Aquarius helps you feel awakened, as you have an easy time putting thoughts in order and even connecting with your creative side. Mars in Sagittarius helps you with attaining more clarity when it comes to your thought process. Everyone might view you as cold and reclusive, but this will be your way to fight through the darkness that you will pull yourself out.

Scorpio – There have been some blockages for you with Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. Communicating with peers and siblings might have been complicated for you and Pluto added to unnecessary tension. With Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn, you might feel freer to express yourself more. Blockages might be clearing, and any karmic debts might be forgiven. This is a month of reconciliation and with Venus entering fellow water sign, Pisces, you will be more generous, caring and people will notice your compassionate side. It will be a joyous month for you as you are more in tune with yourself and the environment you are currently in. The only advise would be to watch your spending habits as Mars shifts into Sagittarius, making you much more impulsive with the purse. Your card for the month of January is the King of Cups. You are in your element, emotionally in control and a tactician.

Sagittarius – The month of January feels like the beginning of a new journey to self-discovery for you. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction might spark some depressive moments, as you ponder over financial security and your own worth. This will pass as Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn bringing everyone a little more optimism for their troubles. With Mars entering your sign on the 3rd, you will finally feel awakened. This is the boost that you have wanted for a while, as it brings you in touch with that fire energy. It will be a very productive month for you and as Venus shifts into Pisces, you will experience some much needed relaxation in the home front. This will be bringing a calming energy, but it might be occasionally challenged with Mars in your sign. Find the balance in your relationships and learn to pick your battles. For those who are single, this applies to relationships with friends and family as well. The card of the month for you is Temperance. Remember to practice the balance (mentioned in my previous sentences) because it will help with growth.

Capricorn – It is all about you this time of year. 2020 starts with a bang since most of the signs are in Capricorn. You have endured and survived the last few years, but now things start to heat up and you will most likely be up for the ride. When Venus enters the sign of Pisces, you will be more in tune with the world around you. It might even make you feel a little sensitive and contemplative, as you reminisce of lost connections and try to even rekindle past romances. The Sun and Pluto Conjunction might intensify everything revolving your persona. It will be a fight or flight transit as you either hone your power, accept the changes or cower away in fear. However, all might feel suffocating but Jupiter in your sign reminds you to keep at it. Brighter days are ahead. Your card for the month is the Three of Pentacles. Seek help from those around you when you need it. Collaborative effort might bring you luck and success. Timing is everything.

Aquarius – The Saturn and Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn feels like the pregame for the Saturn in Aquarius transit. This is a taste of what you will be feeling in the next two and a half years. You might feel tired and drained but with Jupiter in Capricorn, this will be the much-needed transit you have been dreaming of…literally. Jupiter will clear away all of the negative thoughts that you have carried. You will see things in a new light and might feel a little more optimistic. With Mars entering the sign of Sagittarius, it will prove to be beneficial for you as you interact with those eternal optimists. Surrounding yourself with people that will help you find a new method of thinking will prove perfect for you. A shift in your mindset is necessary because it will help you thrive in the years to come. Venus in the sign of Pisces will help give you a little self-love and care. It will feel therapeutic to spend some money on you but do not get too carried away. The card for the month is the Five of Swords Reversed which is telling you to forgive but not forget. If you ended something on bad terms because you were at fault, making peace with that person will be in your best interest.

Pisces – January brings you into much calmer waters as Venus enters your sign on January 13th. Being more appealing, feeling more at ease with past choices and practicing self-forgiveness will be tied to this transit. Connecting with people in the last couple of years has not been easy with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The conjunction on January 12th allows for much reflection as you analyze your current state of independence and how much stronger you have become because of the transit. Mercury entering Aquarius ties dreams to reality as you weave a path through them to gain answers, but you should not stress it. With Mars in the sign of Sagittarius, there is a prominence that will be associated with you in the next few months. It may have been a time where you were low key, but now you come in full force, showing everyone that you are still a competitor and someone that has evolved after facing challenges. Your card for the month of January is the Two of Swords. Make those choices that you have been putting off, learn to be more assertive even if this frightens you. You have the tools needed to make the best decision that will allow for you to grow even more.


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