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Paul McCartneys Extraordinary Carpool Karaoke Tour of Liverpool With James Corden

#CarpoolKaraoke weve done so far, and we have to agree. In an extraordinary 23-minute installment of the hit concept, Corden goes on a tour of Liverpool with its most famous (living) son, Not just anybody. Pause. Can you please, please, help me? Cut to the legendary Beatle in the passenger seat. The segment is probably one of the most extraordinary interviews with Paul McCartney ever done, combining poignant reflections on his life growing up in Liverpool with Corden and McCartney belting out classic tunes, including Baby You Can Drive My…

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In defence of Ringo Starr a masterful drummer and the Beatles’ unsung genius

He may have lacked precision and showmanship and he did write Octopuss Garden. But those who dismiss Ringo as a journeyman who got lucky wildly underestimate a rhythmic powerhouse In 1983, the British comedian Jasper Carrott made an unhelpful contribution to Beatles legend when a tribute video for Starrs Rock & Roll Hall of Fame presentation. Is it someone thats technically proficient? Or is it someone that sits in the song with their own feel? Ringo was the king of feel. What this means is that many of Ringos best…

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