How Two Guys and an Internet Forum Built a Kickass Computer

The China trip was only supposed to last 10 days. For Konstantinos Karatsevidis, the 23-year-old CEO of a new gadget maker called Eve, it was just a quick check-in to make sure production was rolling smoothly on his latest product. Karatsevidis and the rest of the nine-person Eve team have spent the last few years building the V, a laptop-tablet hybrid in the mold of the Microsoft Surface, working in remarkable concert with a teeming community of users and fans to create the exact product they wanted. All that was…

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If there Was a Crappy Design Hall of Fame these Would be the First Inductees

At the reddit community of /r/CrappyDesign you will find all text in Comic Sans, heavy hits of turquoise, and gradients galore. Boasting 720,000 members, the community provides a daily reminder that crappy design is everywhere, from products to advertising. Below you will find 15 designs so crappy, well just see for yourself. [via /r/CrappyDesign] 15. This Rotating Billboard Video via throatfrog 14. The Audio Clip in this Textbook Photograph via j0m1n1n 13. The Maze on this Kids Menu Photograph via MyBoener 12. Hard Hats, Because Safety Comes First Photograph via…

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