Fiona the Hippo celebrates the holidays with a special gift

Fiona the Hippo’s had a big year. In fact, she’s not even one year old yet. But 2017’s perfect baby hippo is growing up. Born six weeks premature at only 29 pounds at Cincinnati Zoo in January, Fiona has garnered quite the online fanbase (including us) — just watch her engagement photobomb to know why. SEE ALSO: Fiona the hippo’s best moments of 2017 Now, Fiona is sitting pretty at 622 pounds, according to the zoo. Plus, Fiona’s zoo team has transitioned her to an all solid food diet —…

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Startups want to change what you insure and how you insure it

Joanna Glasner is a reporter for Crunchbase. More posts by this contributor: Not a minimalist? Startups will gladly store, manage and deliver your items The state of the unicorn In an insurers ideal world, thered be a profitable policy for every conceivable risk. Click once, and youre covered. In the real world, however, insurance coverage hasnt kept up with the social and economic changes of recent years. Sharing economies have gained scale. Jobs have gonefrom full-time to gig-based. And the vast millennial generation has entered adulthood intent on completing any complex transaction…

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