Someone Wrote A Funny Guide About Bees And Wasps And You Might Learn Something New

Most of us have been there, sitting in a park or on our porch, enjoying the beautiful summer day and a refreshing cold drink, when suddenly an unidentified flying bugger approaches. Is it a bee? Is it a wasp? We’re just not sure! Probably confused by the same notion, one internet user put together an “infographic” to help everyone out. “A Comprehensive Guide to Yellow Stripey Things” identifies 8 different kinds of flying insects and describes them in the best way. Scroll down below to see the guide yourself and…

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Etiquette Guide: 7 Mistakes Every First-Timer Makes When Trying To Fit In With The Nude Old Men Watching MSNBC In The Gym Locker Room

Making the choice to bond with the naked elderly men at the gym is a big decision, and one that rookies are always sure to bungle. Here are the seven mistakes every first-timer makes when trying to fit in with the nude old men watching MSNBC in the locker room. 1. Thinking you can approach them while also completely nude: Youve got to earn your stripes, pal. Whether you like it or not, youll just have to accept that youre a towel boy until the crew thinks youre ready to…

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