Can Burger King’s meat-free burger attract the climate conscious?

Chains are jumping on the meat-substitute bandwagon but some experts say vegetarian options could boost beef sales The moment I walk out of Burger King with a warm bag of vegetarian Impossible Whoppers, a plastic voucher is thrust into my hand. Have you tried Dunkin Donuts Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich? a woman asks. It is meatless! Dunkin (11 years left to tackle. Veggie options no longer vie for a dusty corner of the menu in fast-food chains. Now they are jockeying to appeal to climate-conscious young people. Plant-based choices are…

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Odds and Ends 

Google Home has stopped answering to that annoying Burger King ad

The internet barely had time to be annoyed for that new 15 second Burger King ad before Google shut the whole thing down. A little over two hours after the fast food giant took the wraps off of a TV spot designed to trigger smart assistants across the country, the functionality no longer works. Weve reached out to Google for confirmation of the action, which was likely just a quick fix on the server side designed to block a specific waveform, perhaps leveraging similar functionality to block out its own…

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