If these nerdy shoes designs were ever brought to life, we’d be broke

Image: bob al-greene/mashable Whether you’re drawn to the blockbuster movies, to Netflix, to old-school cartoons or to the comics that started it all, you know by now that it’s Marvel’s world and we’re only living in it. It’s tough, sometimes, to know that you’re a teeny, tiny cog in a massive corporate entertainment empire, that no matter how much you tweet about Black Widow’s character assassination you know you’re still buying tickets for Avengers 4 in 2019. We see you, and we hear you, emotionally exhausted Marvel fans. It’s okay…

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Odds and Ends 

After Black Panther, Now Is the Time for a Storm Movie

Theres a moment until Black Panther. A white wig slapped on the fantastic Blade franchiseparticularly Blade II, directed by Thor: Ragnarok. Bryan Singers films never seemed able to explore social commentary beyond the tenuous being a mutant is like being gay metaphor he continued to double down on, and do we really believe that Fox was going to hire a black woman to mold Storm as she truly deserved to be? Back in the 2000s? None of the major film franchises, from Marvel to DC to Lucasfilm, have managed to…

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