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No More Bullshit: Prepare for Trump Unleashed

Read the bullshit. To all those who thought Trump would have brought in a lawyer who hadnt passed his Roy Cohn test for abject loyalty, think again. What Barr doesnt realize yet is that the White House is not Hollywood producer Mark Burnetts Apprentice but his other hit show, Trumps management innovation that makes every day audition day for a permanent job. Trump approved the dress rehearsal when Mulvaney kneecapped Sen. Elizabeth Warrens Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, which in its pre-Mick days restored $12 billion to 300 million defrauded consumers.…

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Mueller’s Trump-Russia report to be released on Thursday

William Barr will release a redacted version of the near 400-page report to Congress and the public, spokeswoman said Special counsel Robert Muellers said. Opponents of Trump hope the report will answer longstanding questions about his ties to Russia, including what transpired at Sign up for the US morning briefing Mueller is also expected to shed light on whether, once in the White House, Trump sought to obstruct justice, for example by firing James Comey as FBI director in May 2017, when the agency was heading the Russia investigation. But…

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