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Divers Stumble Upon Giant Squid Egg and Capture Surreal Moment on Film

A team of divers filmed a rare glimpse of a huge transparent egg sac containing hundreds of thousands of baby squid. The stunning underwater video was filmed by Ronald Raasch, 48, as he was diving with two other team-members from the research vessel REV Ocean in the cold waters outside Ørsta, Norway. On October 5, the team of divers was swimming back to shore after visiting a WWII shipwreck about 200 metres from the coast, when they had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a mysterious object. Floating 17 metres below the…

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Divers stumble across giant squid on New Zealand beach

Lots of weird things wash up on beaches. Sea potatoes. A very old message in a bottle. Unidentifiable sea creatures. But by golly, this is one huge squid. SEE ALSO: Penguin that loves untying shoelaces is the delightful little jerk you’ve been looking for The 4.5 metre (14 foot, 9 inch) long cephalopod washed up on the south coast of Wellington, New Zealand on Sunday morning, its size easily eclipsing the mere mortals that dare to lie beside it. Brothers Daniel, Jack, and Matthew Aplin told Newstalk ZB that they…

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