Super-snake: hybrid pythons could pose new threat to Florida Everglades

A genetic study has found that some specimens of the invasive reptile that has decimated local wildlife are a mixture of two Asian species which could make it an even more formidable predator From carnivorous giant lizards to toxic climbing tree frogs, the Florida Everglades have become a haven to invasive species steadily destroying and devouring the flora and fauna of the states famed River of Grass. Now comes news of a hybrid super-predator slithering its way through the waterways of the 1.5m-acre wilderness: a genetically blended python that researchers…

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Spaghetti Got a Knit Sweater for Christmas and Couldnt Be Happier

Photograph by Rancor_Emperor on reddit Four years ago, reddit user Rancor_Emperor (aka Sean) became the adopted parent of ‘Spaghetti’, a cute little corn snake that had previously been owned by his old roomate. After his roomie got accepted into a Masters program overseas, he was unable to bring Spaghetti and asked his friends and family on Facebook if anyone could adopt him. Having lived with him for two years when they were roomates, Sean took Spaghetti in and has been caring for him ever since. This year for Christmas, his…

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