Infiniti’s Prototype 10 is a sleek electric racing convertible

The Prototype 10 is an electric speedster.Image: infiniti Infiniti has big goals for electrifying its entire roster of vehicles, and the Prototype 10 is the perfect example of just how far the company is pushing the boundaries of its newer electric cars. Infiniti revealed its electric speedster concept car Thursday at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California as part of its plans to feature long-range electric or hybrid electric in every new Infiniti starting in 2021. SEE ALSO: Volkswagen will build two of its all-electric vehicles in the…

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Starman has gone dark

Starman and his space Tesla have sent their last selfie from Earth orbit, Elon Musk announced. The car and its mannequin driver (in working SpaceX spacesuit) launched yesterday atop the Falcon Heavy rocket will eventually escape Earth orbit and travel outwards through the solar system — but not in a hurry. Elon Musk posted the “last pic” of Starman and on Instagram, though it’s such a nice frame that one suspects it’s probably the best of its last final minutes. At a press conference yesterday, he prepared us all for…

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