The Desert Is Taking Over Dubai And Abu Dhabi, And The Photos Are Stunning

The battle between nature and humans is rarely starker than here in the UAE. The barren landscape has been built over with eye-watering speed, as Dubai for example has grown from an unremarkable port town to bustling metropolis in the space of a few short decades. Nature has a knack of striking back however, and Irenaeus documents this with his surreal, apocalyptic aerial photos that show the desert slowly eating away at highways and settlements in the Emirates. Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/desert-aerial-drone-photography-irenaeus-herok-dubai/

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There are Roads in Australia that are So Boring they Have Trivia Signs to Keep Drivers Alert

In Australia it seems everything is just a bit more dangerous. The animals are bigger, the insects are deadlier, and apparently some roads are so long and boring, the government has erected trivia signs in ‘fatigue zones’ to keep drivers alert and reduce crashes and fatalities. Reddit user eppinizer recently shared an example of these trivia road signs while driving on the A1 just north of Tooloombah Creek Conservation Park in Queensland. You can find a second example from Google Maps that was spotted by reddit user swaggler, travelling north…

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