A Scammer Thought He Was Scamming A 83-Year-Old Grandma But Ended Up Getting The Lesson Of A Lifetime

The page is run by a guy in his late 20’s known as DVR, who, inspired by other scam baiters and frustrated with the lack of action taken against online scammers, decided to take action himself. “I started off with some pranks and scambaits, but quickly I started seeing weaknesses in scammers scripts,” DVR told Bored Panda. “I got a lot of very sad stories from victims, which made me really determined to do more. I got together a team of very skilled people, and we decided to fight back in more…

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Odds and Ends 

Dad Gets Ruthless Revenge After Another Man Slaps His Daughter’s A** During a Softball Game

This guy is going down as the dad of the week after he utterly dismantled an embezzler after he wouldn’t leave his daughter alone in her softball league.  We’re not going to dox anyone, but there’s strong confirmation that this story is completely true.  Good game ‘Steve’. 1 Via: Scoot_Ya_Boot 3 Via: Scoot_Ya_Boot 5 Via:

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