Sexism, slander, hatred: Sri Lankas culture of online abuse

From politicians to members of the LGBTQI community, social media in Sri Lanka is a hotbed of harassment and hostility The threats began after Jegatheeswaram Jeyachandrika decided to contest local government elections. Clutching a file of printouts, Meena, as she is known, points to a Facebook post in which she is pictured, circled in red, among a group of people. We opened some new shops that day, part of a collective project, she says. This post implies that Im the mistress of one of the ministers in the photo. That…

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Odds and Ends 

UK eyeing fines for social media content moderation failures

After the UK Prime Minister Theresa May secured a joint statementfrom theG7 on Friday,backing a call for social media firms to do more to combat online extremism, a Conservative minister has suggested the party is open to bringing in financial penalties or otherwise changing the law in order to encourage more action on problem content from techcompaniesif itsreturned to government at the UKgeneral election on June 8. The Guardian reports the comments by security minister, Ben Wallace, speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Sunday. Wallaces words follow an expos by…

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