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‘Can’t be real’: The AP has definitely outdone itself with this ‘brilliant insight’ on Notre Dame

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because the AP’s got the scoop to end all scoops. let’s call it a week eh pic.twitter.com/VFK1L5vxh4 — Justin Green (@JGreenDC) April 19, 2019 Yes. Let’s. That can’t be real. — Ja Kite (@Ja__Kite) April 19, 2019 You bet your boots it’s real:

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We watched Notre Dame burn. Can we recapture her spirit?

Paris residents looked on in horror as their beloved lady went up in flames. Now a new battle begins: how best to rebuild her for the centuries ahead Most of us will always remember the moment on 15 April when we heard that rebuild Notre Dame has started and promises to be fierce. The embers seem still warm, but my unruly and angry compatriots are already dividing us into the daring and the timid, those who want to add a touch of 21st-century genius to her, and those who just…

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