Apparently, Pencil Scars Are A Thing And There Are More People Affected Then You Would Think

The Internet and social media really does bring us together. How? Well, as one person once put it: “it turns out we were all living the same childhood in different houses.” It is extremely pleasant to find out that someone living thousands of miles away from you, had similar experiences in their childhood. For instance, the majority of us know the frightening feeling of when mom asked you to take out that chicken from the freezer and you didn’t. Or when your parents would walk into your room only to…

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Odds and Ends 

Mark, The Motherfucking Renaissance Man Himself

The talented son of a bitch… 1. Mark can play the piano His parents only made him take lessons till the sixth grade, but Mark still plays every now and then as a hobby. Jesus H. Christ. I once heard him run through the entirety of a Chopin waltz with only three or so mistakes. 2. The guy is basically a genius He’s real humble about it, but Mark straight up studied biology at Stanford. Seriously, he turned down a basketball scholarship to Temple in order to go to a…

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