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Meet the U.S. Officials Now in Chinas Sphere of Influence

As Chinas wealth has grown, so has its sophistication at currying favor in Washington and among the American elite. Both the Chinese government and Chinese companies, often with close state ties, have retained lobbying and public-relations firms in the Beltway, in some cases hiring former U.S. officials as personal lobbyists. Beijing has also learned how to harness its economic might by alternately opening its doors to companies who play by Chinas rules, and Charles Boustany Boustany served as the U.S. representative for Louisianas 3rd Congressional District until 2017 and co-chaired…

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White House agrees to detail ethics waivers for former lobbyists

Trump administration will comply with request from governments ethics agency despite earlier protests The White House will comply with a request from the US governments ethics agency to provide information on which former lobbyists are working in the administration, an administration official said on Friday. Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), said in a letter that the administration was not seeking to impede efforts by the Office of Government Ethics to obtain that information, despite

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