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Kansas Supreme Court Rules Abortion Is Protected by State Constitution

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Friday that abortion rights are protected by the state constitution and temporarily blocked a law banning a common form of Roe v. Wadethe 1973 decision legalizing abortion across the country. With todays ruling Kansas highest court unequivocally affirmed that the state constitution guarantees women the right to safe and legal abortion, said Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights.As this decision makes clear, attempts to undermine that fundamental right by banning safe and accepted methods of abortion cannot stand. The decision…

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Kansas election: Ron Estes scrapes Republican victory deep in Trump heartland

Both president and Mike Pence joined last-minute effort to get out vote in Congressional election that hinted voter loyalty may be shifting A feeble win for a Republican in a special congressional election in deep Donald Trump country on Tuesday hung tantalizingly, for Democrats, as a potential signal of voter discontent with the president and of a restored congressional majority in the unexpectedly near future. But the apparent single-digit victory by state treasurer Ron Estes over Democrat James Thompson in Kansas fourth congressional district was explained away by Republicans as…

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