Dad Confronts 13 Y.O. Son About Downloading Photos Of Hot Men, He Blames It On His Mom

There are moments from our lives that are so embarrassing that we still feel a hot ball of shame in our chests after many years, even though objectively speaking we have nothing to feel guilty about. Think really hard about your teenage years: everyone has a handful of memories that make us groan, cringe, and facepalm because of how awkward things got. Memories that make us want to emigrate to Northern Greenland and live among the polar bears, away from all of humanity, until the ice caps melt. Grant Ginder…

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Odds and Ends 

Stephen Colbert Makes Another Homophobic Trump-Putin Joke

Late last year, in a column titled SNLs Homophobic Trump-Putin Jokes Need to Stop, our writer Kevin Fallon took on Saturday Night Lives tired (and offensive) bits insinuating that Fallon wrote. The baseline idea here is that guys in love is inherently funny. No other observation or take needs to exist to elicit a laugh; its simply funny because theyre dudes. Dudes in love. Dudes who have sex together. Ha! (?) Hes right: Theres nothing funny about the Trump-Putin gay jokes. Theyre lazy at best and homophobic at worst. And…

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