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Impossible Foods will debut in SoCal grocery stores on Friday as first step in phased national rollout

Congratulations Southern California Gelson’s store shoppers, you’re getting Impossible Foods on your grocery shelves. The meatless ground meat substitute will be appearing in stores across Southern California as the first step in a phased nationwide rollout on Friday. With the step into groceries, Impossible Foods moves into direct competition with its bigger, publicly traded rival Beyond Meat, which is already selling its patties and sausages in major stores nationwide. Impossible Foods, which has had some supply chain hiccups as it began to increase its production in the wake of large deals…

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12 Of The Funniest Reactions To Netflixs Unfortunate Mistake With Marie Kondos Pic Even Chrissy Teigen Responds

Marie Kondo In the show, Kondo comes to the homes of hopeless packrats to teach her organization method inspired by Shintoism. The energetic organizer transforms each space with the adage of keeping only items that bring joy, which made her ‘new promo’ all the more hysterical. williamhanson In a confused tweet, etiquette expert William Hanson tweeted out a photo of the Marie Kondo “Tidying Up” home screen wondering if perhaps her tactics had intensified. Well, of course, Twitter went crazy at the hilarious juxtaposition of sweet, cheery, 4’7″ Marie and…

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