Odds and Ends 

Lion Battles Hyenas for Meal

In the Maasai Mara we were watching as a pride of lions feasted on a buffalo they had killed during the night. After having their fill they gradually wandered off to sleep in the shade. One sub-adult male hung back and tried to protect the kill from a large pack of hyenas. He managed to chase them away a few times. During one of these chases, he brought down one of the hyenas and gave it a vicious bite on its rear end. Finally, the lion tired of his efforts…

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Sick Of Seeing Sad Kids This Teacher Wrote An Angry Rant To Parents, And It Went Viral

Teachers have it tough. Underpaid, resourced and appreciated, these guardians of the next generation do an amazing job ensuring that our kids get an education, doing their best to deliver results in trying circumstances. Image credits: Leonid Mamchenkov (not the actual photo) Here’s what people had to say about the emotional letter

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