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Gaming History Unearthed:Fans Have Located The Desert Mass Grave Where Atari Buried All Of Its Employees Responsible For The E.T. Video Game

Looks like some online sleuths have uncovered a bit of gaming history a certain company would rather forget: Fans have located the desert mass grave where Atari buried all the employees responsible for the E.T. video game. Internet? You’re doing it right. “The gaming community has wondered for decades where Atari buried all those game developers after the E.T. game totally bombed, so a bunch of us on r/gaming split up areas near Atari offices on Google Earth to search for a bunch of skeletons that might suggest ‘mass grave,’”…

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The often gross and rarely sexy history of video game sex

Image: sierra on-line, mashable composite It’s Summer Lovin’Week here at Mashable, which means things are getting steamy. In honor of the release of Crazy Rich Asians, we’re celebrating onscreen love and romance, looking at everything from our favorite fictional couples to how Hollywood’s love stories are evolving. Think of it as our love letter to, well, love. Warning: This article contains images and videos that may not be safe for work. In the earliest, most technologically limited days of video games, developers concocted the simplest of designs, leading to some…

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