What is QAnon? Explaining the bizarre rightwing conspiracy theory

The sprawling internet theory, beloved by Trump supporters, has ensnared everyone from Tom Hanks to Hillary Clinton If you happened to be watching YouTube videos on Monday morning and were struck by an urge to check in on one of Americas most beloved movie stars, you were likely in for a nasty surprise. Sarah Ruth Ashcraft says Tom Hanks is a pedophile, read the title of the top video search result for the actors name. Tom Hanks Alleged Sex Slave Speaks Out, read another top search result. Indeed, the top…

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Odds and Ends 

New Mexico School Shooter Had Secret Life on Pro-Trump White-Supremacy Sites

In real life, William Edward Atchisonpeople called him Billlived in a little yellow house with his parents, about a mile away from the Giant gas station where he worked and from Aztec High School, where he shot and killed two students and then himself last Thursday. At the murder scene, police found a thumb drive with a note that read, If things go according to plan, today would be when I die. I go somewhere and gear up, then hold a class hostage and go apeshit, then blow my brains…

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