How private is your DNA? Police tap genealogy websites to find suspected ‘Golden State Killer.’

Do you know where your DNA data is?Image: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RM Think twice before you send companies your spit.  A suspected serial killer was caught when investigators compared his DNA to samples collected by ancestry websites. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s richer than ever, despite data privacy scandals Services like 23andMe and Ancestry have become popular by using DNA from users who want to learn more about their family history. But few people think the DNA samples they send in might be used by law enforcement.  On Tuesday, Joseph James…

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Odds and Ends 

23andMe gets FDA green light for cancer risk test

Genetic testing powerhouse 23andMe announced today that it’s officially received the FDA go-ahead to launch a direct-to-consumer testing kit for genes linked to various forms of cancer. The forthcoming kit, which will be made available without a prescription, tests for BRCA1 and BRCA2, which are linked to higher risk of ovarian, break and prostate cancer. “Being the first and only direct-to-consumer genetics company to receive FDA authorization to test for cancer risk without a prescription is a major milestone for 23andMe and for the consumer,” the company’s CEO Anne Wojcicki…

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