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Seth Meyers Drags Giulianis Insane Meltdown on CNN

Seth Meyers dug into everything thats happened so far in the Donald Trump whistleblower complaint saga on Monday night, with a special focus on the increasingly bizarre behavior of the presidents personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

The Late Night host noted that Giuliani all but confessed to his and Trumps crimes during an insane meltdown on CNN with host Chris Cuomo. In fact, at one point during the interview, Rudy went from denying the story to admitting it like 30 seconds later.

After playing the clip of Giulianis swift reversal, Meyers said, Ive seen witnesses break down under cross-examination, but never the lawyer! He added, Sometimes I cant decide with Rudy whether hes a confused old man or if its all an intentional strategy that he keeps fucking up because hes a confused old man.

This is the easiest interview Chris Cuomo has ever done, Meyers said later. He doesnt even need to be there. Just put Rudy on either side of the screen and let him debate himself. Then the host tried out his Giuliani impression after playing the moment when Cuomo reminded his guest that their segment was being recorded.

Recorded?! Meyers said as Giuliani. I thought we were having dinner! This isnt Tavern on the Green? Ive been eating a steak this whole time!

So knowing the damage had been done, he added, Rudy had to once again engage in this ritual walk of shame from the CNN studios over the Fox News studios where they played his CNN interview for him, made him watch it, and tried to get him to explain it.

Finally, Meyers summed up President Trumps response to the scandal by saying, He went from it doesnt matter what I discussed to I dont want to talk about it to we talked about Biden to it was a perfect conversation to If I did talk about Biden then Id have the right to talk about Biden to I didnt pressure anyone.

I cant believe Im saying this, but maybe you should let Rudy step in here, he joked.

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