Boeing committee expected to make safety recommendations this week

Washington (CNN Business)A small committee from Boeing’s board is expected to deliver safety recommendations to the full board this week, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. The committee is expected to call for changes to the company’s structure including the creation of new groups focused on safety and urge the company to make changes to airplane cockpits to accommodate new pilots who may have less training, the source said.

The safety recommendations come after two crashes of Boeing’s 737 Max, which killed 346 people and led to the grounding of that type of aircraft worldwide.
This panel did not investigate the internal process for the Boeing 737 Max specifically but instead this was more of an overall look at the company’s internal process for building planes, with the goal of trying to improve it.
    The committee will recommend that Boeing (BA) engineers first report safety concerns, which may slow development, to the chief engineer and then to business leaders. Under Boeing’s current structure, concerns are first reported to the business leaders who face production deadlines and could potentially have conflicts of interest in delays, the source said.
      The new safety group would work to ensure everyone is sharing concerns effectively across the company, the source said, and a new permanent committee would be formed focusing on safety.
      Boeing would not offer a comment regarding the committee’s recommendations.

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