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The Democrats Are Coming for Joe Biden. Can He Take the Hits?

Could Joe Biden lose it at Thursdays debate in Houston in a way that confirms hes too old, too old-fashioned, too tired, too get off my lawn for a party thats skewing young and moving left?

Spoiler: Yes, and thats the anticipated plot of Thursdays debate. It will ostensibly be about health care, climate change, guns, gender issues, and education. But in reality all eyes will be on Biden to see if he can take a punch, or a dozen of them. Its not just Sen. Elizabeth Warren whos aiming for him, podium to podium for the first time with the leading candidate. All nine of the other Democrats on stage are poised for that moment when Bidens hair catches on fire. Each is a Biden vying to replace the Biden.

So far Bidens faltered, but not enough to knock him out of first place. He wasnt ready for the left jab from Sen. Kamala Harris about how she was that girl who was in a later class of children to be sent to a desegregated school because of his opposition to busing. It was more complicated than that, but the trusted vice president of the first black president seemed to think he was at a church picnic, and couldnt have been more stunned by the frontal attack. In his performances, hes been low energy. Who runs out of things to say and yields back their time?

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