Screw You For Saying Youre Not Good Enough For Me

Saying you’re not good enough for me is a copout. It’s a way for you to shirk responsibility. It’s a fancy way for you to say, “I’m not willing to rise to your standards. I’m not willing to put effort into you. I would rather find someone willing to settle.”

Instead of pretending you aren’t good enough for me, I would rather have you be honest with yourself. I would rather have you tell me you aren’t interested in me. I would rather have you admit there’s someone else who has caught your eye. I would rather have you say you’re just not feeling this and you hope I understand.

When rejecting , I don’t need you trying to turn the situation around to make yourself look like the good guy. I don’t need you to act like you’re doing me a favor — because you’re not. You’re breaking my heart. You’re leaving like it’s out of kindness, even though it’s not what I want, even though it’s going to make me miserable.

You might be trying to but there’s no good way to get turned down. Saying you’re not good enough for me isn’t going to leave me without baggage. It’s just going to give me another brand of baggage. It’s going to make me wonder whether I need to tone myself down for the next person, whether I should be censoring myself to avoid coming across as ‘intimidating’.

On the other hand, if you’re actually when you say you aren’t good enough for me, if you’re actually trying to do the right thing by walking away — then you need to take a step back and really think about what you’re about to do.

If you love me and respect me and treat me right, then you don’t know what you’re talking about when you say you aren’t good enough for me.

get to decide whether or not you’re good enough for me. I get to choose whether you’re someone I want to spend a lifetime alongside or whether you don’t deserve an ounce more of my energy.

If I decide you’re the person I want, then I don’t need you contradicting me. I don’t need you trying to sabotage our happiness because you feel like you don’t make enough money or look good enough — or whatever ridiculous comparison you’re trying to make between yourself and others who might earn my heart if you ran away.

I’ll understand if you have insecurities. I’ll understand if you have a habit of being hard on yourself. I’ll understand if you have doubts about whether you can give me everything I deserve. But you shouldn’t let those things get in the way of our love story. You should trust that I mean it when I say you good enough for me, you are the only one in the world that I want, you are the perfect person in my mind and I wouldn’t want anyone else.


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