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R. Kelly Is Sad He Can’t Buy Candy In Prison – For Real, He Filed A Motion! – Perez Hilton

R. Kelly is accused of kidnapping young girls and turning them into sex slaves — and he’s complaining he doesn’t get to have candy??

According to a new court filing obtained by The Blast, the controversial R&B singer is apparently having a tough time in prison.

Yeah, man. It’s prison. It’s not called “soft” time.

The Remix To Ignition singer’s lawyer filed a motion on his behalf this week explaining the hardships his client is enduring in solitary confinement.

The prison apparently decided to keep Kelly in solitary for his own personal safety — something which makes a lot of sense given the statistics on what happens to people charged with child sex crimes in prison.

Kelly’s attorney thinks that’s unfair, writing in his motion to get the Federal Bureau of Prisons to move his client to a less restrictive area:

“Instead of placing the Mr. Kelly one of several other floors available as an alternative to general population, the BOP has placed Mr. Kelly where inmates go to be punished, on the facility’s most restrictive floor, with zero privileges. In essence, even though he has not violated a single BOP rule, Mr. Kelly is being unconstitutionally punished and segregated from the rest of the prison population.”

What exactly is that “unconstitutional” punishment?

The motion says Kelly has “no meaningful interaction with other humans” and “no time outside getting sunlight.” He doesn’t have TV. He only gets to shower three times a week. And — get this — he’s not allowed to buy snacks and candy.

Really starting to sound like he’s in prison or something.

We do not want to be insensitive to all the people doing time out there. Goodness knows there are probably too many doing too much in our weirdly privatized prison system.

But the man is charged with kidnapping, child sexual exploitation, child pornography production, forced labor, racketeering, and obstruction of justice.

And they’re seriously complaining about candy.

The motion also complains about how Kelly’s meetings with his lawyers have been handled:

“Mr. Kelly has extremely limited literacy, which means that every piece of discovery is going to have to be read to him, and order to review. When meeting with Mr. Kelly anything and everything the Council wishes to review with him must be kept on counsel’s lap or the floor, because there is no table. Given that Mr. Kelly is cuffed during these visits, and there is no table, it is impossible for counsel to review documents with him and write notes.”

That seems like a more legitimate complaint at least. We can’t see a reason they would be denied a table while trying to have a legal meeting. And assuming his attorneys are not underage women, the cuffs might not be necessary either.

But on that candy score, we’d have a hard time taking that problem seriously.

What do YOU think about Kelly’s complaints??

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