39 Of The Worst Hotel And Airbnb Guests Ever

When you’re booking any accommodation, you’re agreeing to its rules. Sounds basic, right? Believe it or not, some people still find this concept too difficult to understand. Or, even worse, they feel as if they’re above everyone else and these rules don’t apply to them. I’m talking stealing glassware as ‘souvenirs,’ leaving your underwear in the kettle, you know, the good stuff. Bored Panda has put together a list of some of the worst hotel and Airbnb guests, and it proves why we can’t have nice things.


I’m Sure We’ve All Been There Dylan

Kudos to all hoteliers around the globe for surviving yet another day of dealing with these monsters. Writing for Hotel Management, Glenn Haussman said there are 4 types of guests people in the industry love to hate. Let’s start with the Never Happy Complainer. “This person is pissed. But don’t worry, it’s not you. There is something seriously wrong with this individual’s life, and for some reason, it’s the hotel’s fault. You know the type: Something small goes wrong and no matter what you try to do, it’s never good enough.”

A simple complaint “the water in the shower wasn’t hot enough” turns into a sad display where apologies are met with more anger. But they don’t want a simple apology. They need more. Turns out, repeated apologies and asking how you can make the situation better are no good as well. “This person is hell-bent on poisoning your soul and making you feel as awful as they do.”


So This Is How My Friend Left The Bed In Our Hotel Room

Then there are the Party People. “At full-service hotels and casino resorts in particular, I see these folks ready to party. But not the type of partying that makes you money at the bar. Nope, these folks orchestrate their own party by bringing in massively sized coolers jam-packed with more beer and other forms of booze than anyone can possibly drink. With no shame or respect for the hotel, they’ll mount a mission more complex than Normandy to bring in drinking supplies so they can save a few bucks and not buy your alcohol. And, of course, they leave the guestroom festooned with their remnants of cocktailing gone bad.”


This “Great Tip” That This Woman On Her Period Shared

Found a great tip. Staying in a hotel, that time of the month comes out of the blue. Forgot to pack knickers so came up with a good way to quickly wash them. The hotel kettle! Quick, fast and hygienic. Just call me Mcgyver.

What about the 20 People, 1 Room, No Problem? “Yes, they know the room has a single king-sized bed and a small chair in the corner. But that didn’t stop them from reserving a room for one or two people, and then stealthily sneaking in many, many more. It’s a giant pain as they overstuff the room and expect you not to notice; especially after they just asked you for a dozen extra pillows and blankets and a roll-away cot.”


They Literally Left A Hotel Room Like That

Let’s not forget the I’ll Just Sit Here Person. Glenn said there are some who seem to be lost. Nobody knows if they’re staying at the hotel or not. Nobody knows because they simply sit in the lobby for many, many hours. And they aren’t working or anything. Just hanging out while waiting for something, or someone. However, nobody knows who that special someone or something is as everyone’s shift is over before they move a muscle.


I Work 3rd Shift At A Hotel. For Ten Minutes, The Guy Argued He Was Staying In 227. We Don’t Have A 227. He Was At The Wrong Hotel. Happy New Year


Annoying Kids Pulled The Bolts Out. This Is In A Hotel Owned By My Family And I


I Work At A Hotel, A Guest Left This When They Checked Out


I Work At A Hotel. I Was Inspecting Rooms Today And Found This


These Fine People Were Loading The Mini Fridge From A Hotel Room I Watched From The Balcony


My Girlfriend Works At A Hotel. This Is What One Of The Maintenance Employees Found Hanging From One Rooms Sprinkler


Just A Dude Looking At Porn In The Open Hotel Lobby


David Lee Roth’s Hotel Room During The 1982 Van Halen Tour


Um… I’m Guessing There’ll Be A Surcharge For That


I’m Staying At A Nice Hotel And Go To Get Ice. I Immediately Smell Poop And Then Discover This. A Nice Ripe Diaper Crammed Between The Ice Machine And Wall


Is This The New Hotel Do No Disturb Sign? (Seen At A Motel 6)


My Friend’s Wife Had Found This Massive Toy While Cleaning A Hotel Room


I Work At A Hotel. This Was Found Under One Of The Beds


I Went With A Church Group To Pennsylvania, And This Was My Roommates Side Of The Hotel Room


What? Oh, Nothing. Just Filling A Hotel Ice Bucket With Pepsi


Because It’s Definitely The Housekeeper’s Fault You Chose A Non-Smoking Hotel


Dude At My Hotel Parked In Three Spots Including A Handycapped


This Is The Room Of A Hotel Guest That Stayed For 3 Days. No Pets, No Kids. Just One Dude With A Mission To Be Disgusting


I Gagged A Little. Discarded Press-Ons At My Hotel Pool


Only In Vegas

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No Smoking In The Hotel Room, So Let’s Just Smoke In The Hallway. Right Outside My Room


I Work The Front Desk Of A Hotel. A Guest Told Me He Had Created A Piece Of Art That He Wanted To Sell To Paris Hilton. We Went To His Room And Found This


Some Edgelord Wrote This In One Of The Bibles At The Hotel I Work At


Lovely Painting In My Hotel Room


A Guest Left 5 Bags Of Trash Scattered Around Room For A 5 Day Stay. Filthy


Popeyes Chicken By The Hot Tub In The Hotel I Stayed At


A Previous Hotel Guest Did This In A Miami Beach Hotel


I Work At A Hotel, Opened The Diaper Table And Found A Gift


I Know Someone That Likes To Take Stuff From Airbnb’s, As If It’s Not Somebody’s Home

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I Work As A Housekeeper At A Hotel. Had To Clean This Fridge Yesterday


Someone Tossing Pizzas At Our Hotel


In A Hotel Elevator After A Rave


Leaving Your Cigarette Butts In Hotel Glassware

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