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Michael Bennet pitches voters: I’ll be boring if elected president

While other candidates have been playing into the chaotic nature of the run-up to 2020 presidential primaries, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) made a pitch to voters that was the exact opposite: he promised to be boring.

The Colorado senator, who is currently polling near the bottom of the wide array of candidates, made the pitch to potential voters in a tweet on Tuesday.

If you elect me president, I promise you wont have to think about me for 2 weeks at a time, Bennet wrote. Ill do my job watching out for North Korea and ending this trade war. So you can go raise your kids and live your lives.

Its likely the Colorado senator was trying to contrast his style of governing to what has been an unorthodox few years under President Donald Trump.

But the tweet wasnt taken that way by a lot of people.

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