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Crime writer thinks women store credit cards inside their vaginas

Some men seem to have real trouble with cis womens anatomy. Men Writing Women, a Twitter account that catalogs the bizarre things men think women and their bodies do, has found another entry for that hall of fame. This one is by author Stuart Woods, who wrote in his 2018 book Desperate Measures the following sentence:

The girl had a tiny purse tucked into her vagina, just big enough to hold her drivers license, a credit card, and a few bucks.

Lets unpack that for a moment. A grown man genuinely thought a woman might keep an entire purse, containing unwieldy items like credit cards and drivers licenses, inside her vagina. Instead of checking with an actual vagina owner (or if he did, being royally pranked by one) he put it right into a book which he then submitted for publication.And no one on the entire editorial team stopped him.No one said, mate, anatomy just doesnt work that way. Or if they did, and I can imagine that he just dismissed that information and went ahead with it. Astonishing.

Men writing bizarre nonsense about women is hardly news, especially on book Twitter, but this one is so out there it surprised even the most jaded of veterans. People on both Men Writing Womens Twitter page and subreddit came together to try and figure out justhow.

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