Countryfile star takes Humber challenge

Image caption Helen Skelton said the challenge was tougher than she expected

TV presenter Helen Skelton and other swimmers have completed a charity crossing of the Humber Estuary.

The BBC Countryfile presenter was one of a group raising money for the Humber Rescue lifeboat charity.

The annual event sees swimmers battle against the strong currents to complete the 2.22km (1.36 mile) course.

The TV presenter, who previously trekked to the South Pole and kayaked down the Amazon, said it was fun but tougher than expected.

“I can’t believe how quickly the current takes you away,” she said.

Image caption She was one of a number of swimmers raising money for the Humber Rescue charity

Speaking ahead of the challenge, she said she hoped to get carried along on the current “like a giant Pooh-stick”.

She praised the Humber Rescue charity, adding: “For me it’s nice to do something local, close to home, and for a cause I have so much respect for.”

Event organiser Sarah Lewis said it was her fifth time swimming, and one of hardest.

“As soon as we hit the bridge we all got swept away – so it was really hard swimming,” she said.

Image caption The swim takes place in the water around the Humber Bridge but swimmers have been known to go off course due to strong currents

Later this month, a man will attempt to become the first to swim across the River Humber – and back.

According to Hull Live, Richard Royal is aiming to set an official record while also raising money for the lifeboat charity.

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