RTAG 1 TTCan Oculus Quest change the game for virtual reality? Titles like Beat Saber and Vader Immortal HTAG 1 TT Beat Saber ($ 30 ) HETAG 1 TT DTAG 3 TTRTAG 5 TT RTAG 7 TTIf there’s any Oculus Quest “killer app, ” Beat Saber RTAG 8 TTIt’s a rhythm game in the vein of Guitar Hero RTAG 9 TTIt’s a simple and immediately intuitive idea once you slide the Quest into place and start a song. It’s also quite challenging — and strenuous! — as you ramp up the difficulty. Not only is Beat Saber RTAG 10 TTI can’t recommend this one strongly enough. If you’re only getting one game for your Quest, Beat Saber HTAG 2 TT Space Pirate Trainer ($ 15 ) HETAG 2 TT DTAG 4 TTRTAG 11 TT RTAG 12 TTYou ever heard of a “bullet hell” game?( Sometimes they’re referred to as shoot ’em ups, or simply shmups .) I’m talking games like Defender , Ikaruga , and Ikari Warriors . Contra . Star Fox 64 RTAG 13 TT Space Pirate Trainer HTAG 3 TT Superhot VR ($ 25 ) HETAG 3 TT DTAG 5 TTRTAG 16 TT RTAG 17 TTEveryone remembers that one scene in The Matrix , the rooftop scene where Neo dodgings Agent gunfire bullet by bullet with a movie-star-cool limbo move. Superhot VR RTAG 18 TTIt runs like this: each brief stage cavities you against a small group of adversaries, armed and unarmed. When you move — specifically, when you move your hands holding each controller — hour flows. When your hands stop moving, period stops as well. Superhot RTAG 20 TTBest of all: Superhot HTAG 4 TT Moss ($ 30 ) HETAG 4 TT DTAG 6 TTRTAG 21 TT RTAG 22 TT Moss RTAG 24 TTAt its heart, Moss is an adventure game highlighted by leap and environmental puzzles with a side of combat. You control the little mouse immediately but also have a measure of control over the world around her. That’s a big piece of what stimulates Moss RTAG 25 TTIt all comes together as a very effective VR-friendly spin on a traditional game genre. Moss HTAG 5 TT Robo Recall ($ 30 ) HETAG 5 TT DTAG 7 TTRTAG 26 TT RTAG 28 TTThere are lots of VR shooting gallery-style games out there, but Robo Recall RTAG 31 TTThere’s no other route to say it: Robo Recall only feels HTAG 6 TT Vader Immortal – A Star Wars VR Series ($ 10 ) HETAG 6 TT DTAG 8 TTRTAG 32 TT RTAG 33 TTLet’s get the bad news out of the way up front: Vader Immortal RTAG 34 TTShort isn’t bad, though! For one, this is a full-fledged game. If you think you’re just going to sit there while Star Wars talks at you, you’re way off. Vader Immortal RTAG 35 TTDarth Vader is interested in you specifically for reasons that become clear over the course of the first episode. Most of it is set on the planet Mustafar — the lava world where Anakin Skywalker got skewered in Revenge of the Sith RTAG 36 TTThere’s more, too. Separate from the narrative mode is a lightsaber training arena. It’s only you, a lightsaber, and droids that want to ruin your day, spread across a good number of increasingly challenging levels. Luke and Vader might make it look easy, but deflecting laser blasts back at a target is hard! This mode helps you become a master. It’s also a freaking lightsaber training mode in VR OMG what more do you need to know ?? RTAG 37 TTIt’s Star Wars, people. Vader Immortal kicks off an episodic, story-driven adventure set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope Bank teller’s blunder causes reputation headache for handyman – CBC.ca

Bank teller’s mistake causes reputation headache for handyman CBC.ca

Scott Belway, a Richmond handyman, says CIBC double-deposited cheques he had submitted from clients. Some suspected it was him causing damage to …

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