Odds and Ends 

The biggest casualties at the Battle of Winterfell were people of color

The latest episode ofGame of Thrones brought fans the much-teased Battle of Winterfell, a grueling tour-de-force of what happens when you pit the livings finest warriors against the Army of the Dead. While Arya ultimately saves the day with a buzzer-beating backstab, its not before thousands die maintaining the perimeter outside the gatesand none are sacrificed more heavily than the notably more melanin-rich, fresh-from-Essos shock troops.

In a harrowing opening salvo, the entire contingent of Dothraki, arakhs freshly lit by Melisandres fire magic, charge straight into the Army of the Dead. Their blazing swords shining across the battlefield are almost heartening until we see each pinprick of light snuffed out within moments.

Its an abrupt and shockingly thorough end for Daenerys day-ones, the people she spent years earning the loyalty of and whose arrival in Westeros has been hyped since the beginning. It took six seasons to marshal the resources to get the Dothraki host across the Narrow Sea, just to have them wiped out in about as many minutes.

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